Fix a Chipped Skateboard & Longboard Deck

Fixing a chipped skateboard deck is very cheap and easy. Save money by repairing your deck. Go to for more info. For great prices on Longboard and Skateboard equipment we recommend Razor Tail and Delamination: If the plies of wood have separated, from delamination, or you have razor tail, check out this video: Fixing A Chipped Skateboard Deck: Chips usually occur when a skateboard slams into a wall or curb, or lands on the nose or tail from doing a trick. They cracks and chips can also happen if the tail has been worn down making the plies of wood thin. This is known as "razor tail". The steps shown in this video do not work for all types of chips. This is especially true where the bottom plies of wood have been chipped off. Wood filler is brittle and not nearly as strong as wood. Bottom ply chips may be better fixed with just wood glue, or wood glue with some saw dust. Wood filler is great for chips on the top plies of wood that do not come in contact with the ground when popping the board. If wood filler is applied to the bottom plies of a deck, the wood filler can break off. This is where glue and reshaping the deck may be a better fix. This is seen in the Skateboard Razor Tail and Delamination video link above. Cost for Repair: About $8 For many people who don't have the money to put toward a new skate deck, this is a great way to prolong the life of your skateboard. FAQ: • How long does it take for wood filler to dry? Roughly 24 hours. • Will this affect the pop? It shouldn't because now the plies are stiff and solid as one piece. You should have pretty good pop after this. If you have any questions about skateboard or longboard products and brands, send us a message.


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