How To Fix My Bath Using The Anglo Acrylic Bath Repair Kit

Repair Damaged Bathtub / Shower Tray Using Anglo Acrylic Bath Repair Kit. This video shows you how to repair a damaged bath using the Anglo Acrylic Bath Repair Kit. The damage shown is a chip but the kit will also successfully repair scratches, cracks, splits and holes on a variety of different bathroom surfaces including Plastic, Acrylic, Stone Resin, Fibreglass, Enamel, Ceramic and Porcelain. The kit is a COST EFFECTIVE solution to repairing a damaged Bath or Shower Tray in RAPID time. So, unlike other kits on the market you can be back using your bath again soon after the repair. Not only does it save you time and money, you will also avoid the hassle and mess of having to replace the bath and re-tile. The finished result is amazing because it produces a permanent, invisible finish. For more information about the Anglo Acrylic Bath Repair Kit or to purchase one visit


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