How To Replace A Jeans Zipper - Trailer

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: How to zip through replacing a jeans zipper. Follow the exact step-by-step process to replace a broken jeans zipper to save otherwise perfectly good pants and jeans. Watch how to do this for men's, women's and children's jeans. FIND THE FULL VERSION HERE: S U B S C R I B E HERE FOR *** F R E E *** SEWING LESSONS: FIND OUT EXACTLY HOW EASILY YOU CAN SET UP A HOME ALTERATIONS AND SEWING BUSINESS - SERIES ACCESS HERE: Includes: *** 10 in-depth videos, *** 130-page PDF detailing juicy, even shocking personal experience client interaction stories *** merchandise coupon code 15% off LEARN THESE ALTERATIONS AND START YOUR OWN BUSINESS WITH THIS PLAYLIST: GET THE JUICY, EVEN SHOCKING KINDLE/PAPERBACK HERE: Down-to-Business eBook details how to set up a home-based alterations business on JUST $100, step-by-step, in EXACT order PLUS many jaw-dropping client interaction stories for your entertainment here: GET SPECIFIC ANSWERS TO YOUR BURNING QUESTIONS HERE: DISCLAIMER: This video contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on any of the product links, I'll make a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows me to continue to make great free content videos like this. Thank you for the support! F I N D M Y A M A Z O N S T O R E H E R E: PRODUCTS USED IN THIS VIDEO: SCISSORS 8-INCH GOLD: SCISSORS 9.5-INCH GOLD: CLIPS: PINS: RETRACTABLE MEASURING TAPE: TAILOR'S CHALK: SEAM RIPPER PACK: BROTHER SEWING MACHINE: JANOME EMBROIDERY MACHINE: ADULT SEWING KIT: ADULTS SEWING BOOK: KIDS SEWING KIT: KIDS SEWING BOOK: HOW TO GET MORE INFO: Want more great alterations and sewing info like this? Click the SUBSCRIBE button and click the GEAR or BELL next to it so you get notifications and never miss a single video! SOUNDTRACK ARTIST: Podington Bear


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